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Out Of Edge Audio Fire Mci

Out Of Edge Audio Fire Mci
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  • 5G020707
The Edge EDGE AUDIO FIRE MCI Product description The Edge is a goggle made to fit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Out Of Edge Audio Fire Mci"


Product description

The Edge is a goggle made to fit perfectly with bulky or whole crash helmets. The lateral supports prevent any eventual shock to modify the fitting of the goggle, while the vent holes are studied to favour the entrance f external air, keeping the warm humid air close to the mouth.

It allows for a wide field of view, and it mounts an hypoallergenic triple density foam, a double lens with anti fog, anti scratch and hydro repellent treatments.
Bonus lens included

Lens description

The Fire MCI is a lens with a neutral smoked pigmentation and a multicolor multilayer coating with interferences.

It' s not adapt to foggy conditions or really cloudy ones for it doesn' t accentuate the contrast, we suggest to use included persimmon lens in this case.


Learn how to CHANGE A LENS


  • Field of view: 183° horizontal, 3,38 solid Sterad
  • Foam: hypoallergenic triple density
  • Double lens: yes
  • Anti fog standard 8 sec.: 77 sec.
  • Bonus lens included
Farbe: Weiss
Größe: One Size
Saison: WI 14
Geschlecht: Damen
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